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Eyeglass Frames for Sale

Prescription lenses are not only meant to provide improved vision but they also protect the eyes from entering your eyes. Along with buying high-quality prescription lenses, having a stylish and sturdier eyeglass frame is also necessary. Perfidy Clothing has a wider collection of eyeglass frames for sale for both men and women.

Shop for the best-quality glasses and latest frames at the best price from Perfidy Clothing. You can either explore our collection at our retail store in Jalandhar or we can ship eyeglass frames to Patiala, Amritsar, Mohali, Pan-India, and all major countries worldwide.Now, let’s look at the different types of eyeglass frames available at our store.

Full Rimmed Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

1. Full-rimmed Frames

As the name implies, full-rimmed glasses feature rims around the outer edge of the lenses. This kind of structure makes the frame sturdier than other frame types. Choose from different styles of full-rimmed eyeglass framesfor sale at Perfidy Clothing.

Rimless Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

2. Rimless Frames

Frameless or rimless spectacles carry a modern touch and are extremely light, particularly designed for everyday use.Frameless spectacles carry a modern vibe and are super light, specially designed for everyday use. At Perfidy Clothing, we have an amazing collection of trendy rimless frames for sale.

Semi Rimless Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

3. Semi-rimless Frames

Semi-rimless, or half-frame, glasses do not carry a full-frame around the lenses, such as full-rim glasses. Rather, semi-rimless glasses have only the top part of the frame above the lenses. Shop for the best quality semi-rimless frames for sale by Perfidy.

Low Bridge Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

4. Low Bridge Frames

A low bridge frame is an ideal choice for people whose slope of the nose is either level with or underneath the pupils. The low bridge structure will help to stop your glasses falling or shifting onto your cheekbones.

Wire Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

5. Wire Frames

Wire frames are classic eyeglass frames. They’re a proven product that is sometimes seen as sophisticated and attractive at the same time. As they’re lighter-weight than plastic frames, they can also be perceived as being more comfortable.

Plastic Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

6. Plastic Frames

It is quite obvious. Plastic eyeglass frames are made of high-quality, durable plastic. Due to their low weight, plastic frames provide great comfort to the person wearing the glasses. Perfidy Clothing sells a large number of plastic frames in different styles and colors at reasonable prices.

Metal Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

7. Metal Frames

Metal frames are made from different types of metals. Just like plastic frames, metal frames are also very popular among both men and women. Perfidy Clothing’s eyeglass frames collection is full of different types of metal frames in diverse colors and styles.

Titanium Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

8. Titanium Frames

Titanium isa very popular metal for eyeglass frames and offers a wonderfulweight-to-strength ratio. Hence, titanium frames are light and comfy while enhancing boththeir durability and strength. Choose from a wide collection of titanium eyeglass frames for sale at great discounts.

Acetate Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

9. Acetate Frames

Acetate material converts natural fibers into a kind of plastic. Acetate is very similar to plastic in terms of its glasses frame characteristics. Perfidy’s Acetate frames come in various colors, styles, and designs. Buy an acetate eyeglass frame from Perfidy Clothing today.

Wood Texture Frames Perfidy Mens and Womens Wear

10. Wood Texture Frames

In this type of frame, the material looks like real wood. Both acetate and plastic are used to get this kind of appearance. Available in both dark and light colors, Perfidy’s wood texture frames for sale are both trendy and durable.

The largest collection of eyeglass frames and sunglasses available for available at Perfidy Clothing. Explore our collection of chic, on-trend eyeglasses frames from top brands, all priced-on sale.Whatever your style, our collection includes a variety of frames that speak to it, at budget-friendly prices.

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