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Men’s Shoes For Sale

Get a new pair of stylish, high-quality men’s shoes for sale in Jalandhar today at Perfidy Clothing,a leading name in fashion wear. From stunning sneakers to brogue shoes, boots, flip flops, and durable running shoes, choose from a wide collection of men’s shoes with us. The leading clothing store not only sells men’s shoes at its retail store in Jalandhar but also ships men’s shoes to Patiala, Amritsar, Mohali, Pan-India, and all major countries worldwide.

All our men’s shoes in Jalandhar come in a wide range of styles, which means you can choose a perfect pair of shoes at great discounts.

Moccasin Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

1. Moccasin

Perfidy’s moccasin shoes are made from high-quality single-piece leather that gives them a stunning look. They come with a separate rubber sole for enhanced protection. They are perfect for casual outdoor excursions, travel, and holidays. Buy today.

Sneakers Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

2. Sneakers

Available in standardcolor palettes or stunning contemporary hues, get a perfect pair of sneakers of any style at Perfidy Clothing. Our sneakers offer amazing breathability and their lightweight design makes them ideal for jogging, gymming and running.

Browse through our amazing collection of sneakers in Jalandhar today.

Loafers Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

3. Loafers

Men’s loafers are one of the most relaxed and easy to get along with men’s footwear with all kinds of men’s clothing. Our men’s loafers are lightweight, durable, and provide superb comfort even if you wear them continuously for several hours. They are ideal for parties, casual outings, and weddings.

Boots Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

4. Boots

Boots are considered the most versatile footwear option for men. Complementing the hemline of jeans and trousers in winter and grounding shorts in modern cool when it’s warm, they create a strong foundation. Our collection is inclusive of black, brown, ankle, suede, and lace-up options for an all-inclusive offering.

Sandals Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

5. Sandals

Men’s sandals are a comfortable footwear option since they keep their feet airy. Perfidy’s collection of premium-quality men’s sandals features rubberized soles and straps that provide unmatched grip and comfort. Our sandals are ideal for those who want to take a break from formal shoes and sneakers.

Lace Up Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

6. Lace-Up

Lace-up shoes are primarily made of leather and are an ideal option for format occasions like office meetings, conferences, and other professional settings. There are two main varieties of lace-up shoes: those with closed lacing, and those with open lacing. Perfidy Clothing’s lace-up shoes for men come in different colors, designs, and finishes.

Canvas Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

7. Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes emerge as the first and foremost choice of students and people indulged in outdoor activities. Perfidy’s canvas shoes for men are made of high-quality cloth and offer great flexibility, breathability, and comfort.

Chukkas Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

8. Chukkas

Perfect for both formal and casual occasions, chukkas shoes for men are made from a single piece of leather and match best with jeans. Their thin leather sole gives them a premium look.

Derby Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

9. Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are a classic and comfortable style of men’s footwear. Like oxfords, they are a standard type of dress shoe. They are suitable for formal occasions and can be partnered with a suit.

Brogue Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

10. Brogue Shoes

Since the late 1700s, brogue shoes have been a staple of the footwear market. Men’s low-heeled brogues have recognizable punched holes that were originally perforated to allow water to drain out and make walking more pleasant on marshy terrain.

Monk Strap Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

11. Monk Strap Shoes

The monk strap shoe was invented in Europe several years ago when holymendoing manual laborrequired a closed-toe version of their sandals for enhanced protection. At Perfidy Clothing, we have a vast collection of monk strap shoes for men in different colors and designs.

Oxford Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

12. Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes have become extremely popular among men over the years and are an integral formal footwear option for them.Crafted in smooth and durable leather, Perfidy’soxford shoes are amazingly comfortable and effortlessly stylish.

Running Shoes Perfidy Mens Wear

13. Running Shoes

As their name implies, running shoes for men are primarily meant to support running practice. At Perfidy, we have an extended collection of running shoes for men in Jalandhar that have flexible and durable soles and offer unmatched comfort.

Chelsea Boots Perfidy Mens Wear

14. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots for men are usually made of leather and have elasticated bands for a comfortable fit. Perfidy’s Chelsea boots for men have low heels and are a must on your wardrobe this year.

Flip flops Perfidy Mens Wear

15. Flip flops

Enjoy ultimate comfort with our wide collection of Flip Flops. Perfidy’s flip-flops for men are not only comfortable for the feet but are also durable. Choose from an array of vibrantcolors, designs, and styles that make them an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

Perfidy Clothing has a wide and versatile of men’s shoes. All our men’s shoes are made from high-quality material and available in different colors and designs. So, whatever color, design, type, and style of shoes you want, we have a perfect pair of shoes for you.

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