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Women’s Jeans For Sale

Although women started wearing jeans in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the 1960s that pants in general, and denim in particular, became true wardrobe essentials for women.Perfidy’s Clothing boasts a wide collection of women’s jeans in Jalandhar. From straight styles to skinny jeans, flare jeans to jeggings, we have an endless variety of women’s jeans available at the most discounted rates.

Buy women’s jeans & jeggings either at our retail store in Jalandhar or get them delivered to your doorstep. We ship women’s jeans to Patiala, Amritsar, Mohali, Pan-India, and all major countries worldwide.

Shop women’s jeans at Perfidy and choose from all popular styles.

Skinny Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

1. Skinny Jeans

Your jeans collection would remain incomplete if it doesn’t have black skinny jeans. As their name implies, skinny jeans stay closer to the skin and show off the perfect shape of your toned legs. Chooseour skinny jeans and flatter your body type in just the perfect way with Perfidy Clothing’s perfect skinny jeans collection in Jalandhar.

Boyfriend Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

2. Boyfriend Jeans

Taken from the boys, the boyfriend jean cut involves a slouchy, comfortable fit as if they were really his but tailored for women.The “boyfriend” jeansoriginate from the first true blue jeans developed in 1873. Since then, jeans have taken on a wide range of cuts and fits; and for as long as denim has been a style essential.

Straight Or Cigarette Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

3. Straight or Cigarette Jeans

Straight or cigarette jeans are primarily known for their classic style. The main difference between skinny jeans and straight jeans is that latter don’t cover the ankles and end right above them. If you want a rough look, Perfidy’s jeans collection is full of ripped straight jeans in different styles.

Bootcut Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

4. Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans are versatile and go great with almost any shirt in your closet. A good pair of women’s bootcut jeans will go everywhere with you, be it work, weekend, or Sunday brunch with friends.Perfidy’s Bootcut jeans come in a wide variety of other rises, including mid- and low-rises. No matter what your style is, you’ll get bootcut jeans that are right for you!

Flare Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

5. Flare Jeans

Women’s flare jeans include a fitting thigh and a belled hem for a figure-flattering appearance.Carefully crafted with the highest quality fabrics and meticulous attention, Perfidy’s flare jeans in Jalandhar are made to keep their fit, while developing a look that’s exclusively yours through years of wearing and washing.

Jeggings Perfidy Womens Wear

6. Jeggings

In the women’s fashion world, jeggings are considered one of the most comfortable options for bottoms. Denim leggings are stretchable, comfortable, and give a perfect fit to women of all sizes and shapes. Our jeggings collection at Perfidy is inclusive of different colors and sizes.

Low Rise Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

7. Low rise Jeans

Also known as low waist jeans, low-rise jeans are perfect for women who have a well-curved waist. Get the latest low-rise jeans for women in Jalandhar at Perfidy’s retail store today.

High Waist Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

8. High waist Jeans

High waist jeans or jeans with high cuts are more popular with women as theyemphasize the length of the wearer’s legs and support a curvier shape.High-waisted jeans are commonly paired with crop tops.

Capri Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

9. Capri Jeans

Capri jeans are similar to cropped pants that end right above the ankle but sometimes below the knee. They are different from cropped pants like the Bermudas which end above the calf and are less harder to wear.

Ripped Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

10. Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans feature a threadbare, rough look, and may highlightseparate ripped spaces, often at the knees, where the skin peeks out.If you are looking to buy ripped jeans in Jalandhar, choose the one from Perfidy’s jeans collection today.

Patch Work Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

11. Patch work Jeans

Though it may sound strange to many, patch work jeans contain patches that keep the popular fashionistas. We have an amazing collection of patch work jeans at Perfidy that you would surely love.

Shiny Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

12. Shiny Jeans

Shiny jeans are popular among partygoers due to their shimmering look. Perfidy’s shiny jeans are quite different from typical jeans and an ideal choice for women who love to party with a look that everyone else would admire.

Side Slit Button Up Tape Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

13. Side-slit button-up tape jeans

The trend of slide-slit-button-up tape jeans became popular in 2018 due to their stunning look. Perfidy’s collection of tape jeans has tape jeans in different colors and sizes that are ideal for both formal and casual settings.

Crochet Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

14. Crochet Jeans

Crochet jeans feature beautiful lace and are considered a perfect choice for women of all ages. Check out our collection of the latest, trendy and stylish crochet jeans by Perfidy Clothing!

Overall Jeans Perfidy Womens Wear

15. Overall Jeans

Women’s denim wardrobes now incorporate this 90s trend, which livens it up. You can wear any contrasting top, crop top, or bralette with these girls’ jeans.

Looking for high-quality jeans at the best rates? Shop from Perfidy’s latest range of comfortable & trendy regular jeans, and low waist women’s jeans in Jalandhar.

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